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9 hours ago — Remember the path used for "add files" (#2049).

Also default to the home directory rather than where DoM was run from, or something equally unhelpful.

9 hours ago — Use std::vector for add_files.

4 days ago — Bump libdcp for tags fixes.

9 days ago — Ignore incoming data when suspended.

Otherwise, for example, some content can be moved and before the pieces have been re-created some video can arrive. Then the video's position will be calculated using the content's new position, causing an apparently big gap in the video which is filled in with black. These extra black frames cause the video buffers to fill up without any audio.

9 days ago — Comment fixes.

10 days ago — Updated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.

10 days ago — Offer all KDM types no matter what standard is in use.

A user reports that on a Barco system they needed to use a "DCI Specific" KDM with an Interop DCP.

10 days ago — Bump libdcp for fixes to language tags.

2 weeks ago — Allow inkbatch to use a given Inkscape.


2 weeks ago — Fix checking for inkscape binary.

2 weeks ago — Align macOS prefs icons to the pixel grid better (#2044).

2 weeks ago — Use "Colour" not "Colour conversion" as a label name.

In English, at least, the excessive length of this label really screws up the layout.

2 weeks ago — Fix link icons on macOS.

2 weeks ago — macOS alignment fix (#2039).


2 weeks ago — macOS alignment fixes (#2045).

2 weeks ago — Fix alignment of labels on macOS (#2043).

2 weeks ago — Fix paths for changes to environment.

2 weeks ago — Fix alignment of mail protocol control (#2042).

2 weeks ago — Use bitmap_path() and wxBITMAP_TYPE_PNG (not _RESOURCE) to allow prefs to work with in-tree builds.

2 weeks ago — Cleanup: use bitmap_path().

2 weeks ago — Improve alignment of audio language controls (#2040).


2 weeks ago — Shrink width of timecode entries on macOS (#2041).

Version 2.15.154 released.

2 weeks ago — Update run/ script DYLD path.

3 weeks ago — Set LSUI to 0 in the .plist for the server (#2010).

2 weeks ago — Give an error if a non-DCP folder is selected for DCP writing (#2024).