Scheduled For Release 2020-07-01
0001225: [Bugs] Player colour difference wrt Easy DCP
0002176: [Features] Look at nvJPEG to make playback and encoding faster (carl)
0002241: [Clean-up] Unify capitalisation for XML attribute names (carl)
0002186: [Bugs] Update bundled OpenSSL (carl)
0002178: [Features] Check incoming J2K data that will not be transcoded (carl)
0001823: [Features] Write a report during validation
0002153: [Features] Timed / regular backup of config, cinemas, DKDM recipients (carl)
0001967: [Features] "Fix this" buttons in hints
0001609: [Bugs] Display on Linux HiDPI is broken (carl)
0001886: [Bugs] HGroup tags not parsed in subtitles
0001985: [Features] Advanced option to allow DCPs to be made without sound (carl)
0001893: [Features] Support .scc-format subtitles (carl)
0001964: [Features] Further Bv2.1 support (carl)
0002126: [General] Sort out / update asdcplib branch (after some of my changes got merged to their github)
0001602: [Features] Support H.264/VP9 sign language video tracks
0000832: [Bugs] Fix colour conversions (carl)
0000427: [Features] Maybe add some indication (perhaps a line) of where subtitles are typically placed on DCPs
0001375: [Bugs] Colour accuracy in the player probably isn't great
0001220: [Features] Support drag and drop of DCPs onto the player
0002167: [Bugs] It would be nice if the Windows version didn't show the network permissions dialog on first start (carl)
0002189: [Clean-up] Unify use of phrases "you are advised" and "it is advisable" in hints. (carl)
0002127: [General] Update ffmpeg for the 2.18.0 branch (carl)
0001771: [Bugs] Audio artefacts at ends of audio files
0001921: [Features] Show CPL Markers 'somehow' in player (carl)
0002109: [Features] Create EasyDCP "DCP digest files" (carl)
0001477: [Features] Introduce Autocrop/Letter/Pillarbox detection (carl)
0001789: [Features] Advanced option to allow 96kHz audio (carl)
0001940: [Features] More intelligent "find missing" (carl)
0002113: [Features] Support sending emails in the CLI KDM client (carl)
0002133: [Features] Screenshot feature in player (carl)
0002132: [Clean-up] Take Film::make_dcp out of Film (carl)
0002120: [Features] Content properties is very minimal for DCPs (carl)
0000414: [Bugs] Default directory for add files on Windows (carl)
0001980: [Packaging] Update to ffmpeg 4.4 (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-08-30
0002289: [Bugs] Help text in Video/Audio tab not visible if long
0002232: [Bugs] Adding image file sequences from an NFS share is very slow on Windows (carl)
0002262: [Bugs] Some .ASS formatting details not respected (carl)
0002300: [Features] Change how time zones are handled for KDMs (carl)
0002273: [Bugs] Problems when DCPs are made on external drives (carl)
0002298: [Features] Search for DKDM list (carl)
0002226: [Features] Add video waveform dialog to player (carl)
0002296: [Features] Allow import of multiple DKDMs at the same time (carl)
0002297: [Features] Sort DKDMs alphabetically (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-07-06
0002293: [Bugs] Image::crop_scale_window does not scale full-range YUV to video-range RGB
0002211: [Bugs] Debugging assertion failed in KDM creator
0002209: [Features] KDM creator should remember its non-maximised size
0001794: [Bugs] Text should be centrally-aligned in screen search on Windows
0002218: [Bugs] Asset wxString::Format("%.3f", 1.23).find(str) != wxString::npos failed in GetInfoFromLCID(): Decimal separator mismatch (carl)
0002245: [Bugs] 3D DCP creation fails when separate L/R files have unequal number of frames (carl)
0002233: [Bugs] Assertion failed in out_size.width >= inter_size.width (carl)
0002198: [Bugs] wxWidgets debug alert on starting KDM creator (carl)
0002292: [Bugs] Incorporate fixes to leqm-nrt
0002287: [Features] Support UHD BluRay / HDR (carl)
0002112: [Features] Allow disk writer to look at the format of an existing drive and make sure it's right (carl)
0001861: [Bugs] Use DCP's original font when rendering subtitles
0002281: [Bugs] Disk formatting very slow (carl)
0002252: [Features] Add some way to select from multiple video streams (carl)
0002251: [Bugs] Re-check the DCNC and make DoM compliant with it (and hint about non-compliance) (carl)
0002256: [Bugs] Fix for openjpeg 2.5 (libdcp bug 0002255) (carl)
0002272: [Features] Expose FFmpeg errors to the user somehow (carl)
0002276: [Bugs] Adding a job from main DoM to the batch converter ends up with it being added several times (carl)
0002237: [Features] Re-add option to trim using CPL (carl)
0002229: [Features] Modify project settings to fit first imported content (carl)
0002228: [Features] Set default project settings (carl)
0002202: [Packaging] Seems like installing on Windows as a non-admin does not make any shortcuts that the non-admin can see (carl)
0001900: [Features] Improved DCP verification
0002201: [Bugs] wxGauge doesn't always update properly (carl)
0002197: [Packaging] Looks like we should upgrade expat to 2.4.6 at least (carl)
0002194: [Bugs] Cmd-H should hide the application, not open hints, on macOS (carl)
0001795: [Bugs] "Write to..." radios are too close together on Windows
0002183: [Bugs] Do not restore from Dual Screen. (carl)
0002138: [Bugs] Preferences does not fit onto a windows 1440x900 screen (carl)
0002094: [Bugs] When adding an OV (in Player and DOM). open file should default to the parent directory of VF (carl)
0002253: [Bugs] Programming error at ../src/lib/ 1939 vs 2075 (carl)
0002250: [Bugs] Failure to make 3D DCP with L content 1 frame shorter than R content (carl)
0002089: [Features] Hi-DPI support (on Windows and maybe elsewhere) (carl)
0002187: [Bugs] Failure to join some VOB files (carl)
0002220: [Bugs] Everything breaks if you change the decimal separator in the advanced settings in Windows (carl)
0002219: [Bugs] Writing KDMs to separate directories with a cinema name ending in a . gives an error (carl)
0002200: [Bugs] Pressing enter in the KDM creator "from" control on Windows opens the "report a problem" dialogue (carl)
0002192: [Bugs] dcpomatic_create does not respect Config defaults for DCP content type and SMPTE/Interop (carl)
0002196: [Bugs] On Monterey you have to manually give the dcpomatic2_disk_writer full disk access or the writer doesn't work (carl)
0002171: [Bugs] Disk Writer does not work on macOS 10.8 (carl)
0002166: [Bugs] Version details not shown in splash screen on Windows (carl)
0002154: [Bugs] Chinese simplified subtitles are not rendered on macOS (carl)
0002225: [Features] Player window to show KDM specs (carl)
0002267: [Bugs] Player, cannot load MacFUSE / ext2 mounted volumes (carl)
0002284: [Bugs] Somehow managed to leave a video MXF (in video) open on a samba server (carl)
0002247: [Bugs] Selecting different pieces of content in the list has got very slow again (carl)
0002216: [Features] Button to send test email in mail servers configuration in prefs (carl)
0002222: [Packaging] Centos 8 stream packages (carl)
0002205: [Bugs] XML subtitle must apparently be indented and have newlines to work on some projection systems (carl)
0002207: [Bugs] Some Turkish characters come out wrong in the subject line and ZIP attachment names on some email clients (carl)
0002208: [Bugs] Screens are not in the correct order in KDM emails (carl)
0001657: [Bugs] KDM dialog tweaks (carl)
0002213: [Features] Write to / Send by email checkboxes should probably be remembered across runs (carl)
0002210: [Features] Selecting a screen should enable edit cinema button in KDM setup (carl)
0002012: [Features] Should probably just ignore >1 blank line between SubRip subtitles (carl)
0002199: [Bugs] Should use for ratings (carl)
0002191: [Bugs] dcpomatic_create (and maybe main DoM) makes films with no <ContentVersion> <LabelText> (carl)
0002184: [Bugs] DOM Encode Server halves performance when screen is locked on macOS (carl)
0002179: [Bugs] dcpomatic main deb package should uninstall / supercede dcpomatic-cli (carl)
0002173: [Bugs] -114 error on 3D encode from separate left/right files (carl)
0001776: [Features] GUI to export DCP-o-matic's configuration file (carl)
0001895: [Features] Add checkboxes to the cinema/screen list in the KDM dialog (carl)
0001894: [Documentation] Add the filename of the downloaded certificate to the "add screen" box (carl)
0002165: [Bugs] macOS drive incorrectly picked up as mounted (carl)
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