Scheduled For Release 2020-07-01
0002813: [Features] Support colours in binary STL subs (carl)
0002381: [Clean-up] Clean up defaults / template clash (carl)
0002756: [Major features] Stop used video directory and hard-linking (carl)
0002473: [Features] Use sqlite for cinema lists / anything that could be shared (carl)
0002126: [General] Sort out / update asdcplib branch (after some of my changes got merged to their github) (carl)
0002678: [Features] Feature request: Ability to set reel break points with timecodes (carl)
0002524: [Clean-up] Remove use of DCPDecoder in DCPContent can_reference stuff (carl)
0002460: [General] Check rebase of openjpeg changes onto master (carl)
0002783: [Packaging] Check stock OpenJPEG 2.5.2 against the patched copy we're currently using (carl)
0002747: [Bugs] Various alignment/spacing bugs on macOS with wxChoice (carl)
0002748: [Bugs] Should wait for a while trying to find drives rather than just starting with none in the wxChoice (carl)
0001443: [Packaging] Update mxe for Windows build (carl)
0002608: [Packaging] Bump boost (in macOS, Windows builds) (carl)
0002666: [Packaging] Update FFmpeg (carl)
0002604: [Packaging] Check macOS dep versions / update (carl)
0002326: [Bugs] Try to modify time stamp handling to cope with irregular video frame lengths (carl)
0002593: [Features] Rearrange VF setup (carl)
0002186: [Bugs] Update bundled OpenSSL (carl)
0002682: [Clean-up] It seems like "Audio language" checkbox should be in the DCP audio tab. (carl)
0001789: [Features] Advanced option to allow 96kHz audio (carl)
0002127: [General] Update ffmpeg for the 2.18.0 branch (carl)
0002241: [Clean-up] Unify capitalisation for XML attribute names (carl)
0001921: [Features] Show CPL Markers 'somehow' in player (carl)
0001940: [Features] More intelligent "find missing" (carl)
0002113: [Features] Support sending emails in the CLI KDM client (carl)
0002133: [Features] Screenshot feature in player (carl)
0001477: [Features] Introduce Autocrop/Letter/Pillarbox detection (carl)
0000414: [Bugs] Default directory for add files on Windows (carl)
0002120: [Features] Content properties is very minimal for DCPs (carl)
0002132: [Clean-up] Take Film::make_dcp out of Film (carl)
0001980: [Packaging] Update to ffmpeg 4.4 (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-11-03
0002657: [Bugs] LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be set to Grok binary folder in order for GPU to be enabled (carl)
0002638: [Bugs] grok doesn't always work with CUDA 12.2 unless you set CUDA_MODULE_LOADING=EAGER (carl)
0002637: [Bugs] Grok encode of a single PNG source hangs (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-12-16
0002681: [Bugs] Alpha channel not rendered correctly in ProRes4444 files (carl)
0002630: [Bugs] Image shifted left in 2-monitor mode on Window (carl)
0002661: [Bugs] Could skip the content scan in Hints if we're ignoring audio and there are no subtitles enabled (carl)
0002671: [Bugs] alpha_blend needs to support pixfmt 70 (carl)
0002685: [Bugs] Assertion failure in libsub for particular SSA file (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2024-06-17
0002820: [Bugs] MPEG2 DCPs don't play in OpenGL mode (carl)
0002819: [Bugs] PE at (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2024-06-20
0002812: [Bugs] Video buffers full (carl)
0002822: [Bugs] Programming error at ../src/lib/ (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2024-06-20
0002821: [Features] Add a rather negative hint on making an MPEG2 Interop DCP (carl)
0002807: [Bugs] Y offset control does not work the same for all subtitle types (carl)
0002801: [Bugs] libdcp does not recognise ClosedSubtitle / MainCaption (carl)
0002827: [Bugs] Improve font id allocator (carl)
0002808: [Features] Content context menu option to set this content up like in another project (carl)
0002825: [Bugs] Crashes with write_count == kl_length assertion failure when running out of disk (carl)
0002823: [Bugs] Right click -> Add reel in new reels dialog works even when "single reel" is enabled (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2024-07-31
0002109: [Features] Create EasyDCP "DCP digest files" in main DoM and also in KDM generator (carl)
0002654: [Bugs] Checksums always wrong for encode server on Windows 11 (carl)
0002664: [Bugs] Sync errors with DVD rip (carl)
0002699: [Bugs] DoM writer not working on Ventura, apparently due to permissions, but enabling full disk write doesn't help (carl)
0002589: [Bugs] Thin black line on right or at bottom of preview (carl)
0002554: [Bugs] Find missing does not work after renaming a DCP (carl)
0002643: [Bugs] Progress reporting of digest calculations broken (carl)
0002505: [Compatibility] Closed-Caption (timed text) track file exceeds recommend size. (carl)
0002580: [Bugs] Inaccurate MainSoundConfiguration in metadata (carl)
0002557: [Bugs] Specified font not used for italicised text (carl)
0002583: [Bugs] Sound mapping goes wrong somehow with 6 vs 16-channel MXF. (carl)
0002198: [Bugs] wxWidgets debug alert on starting KDM creator (carl)
0002534: [Bugs] Sync problem with git file (carl)
0002490: [Features] Make video waveform display available in DCP-o-matic player as well (carl)
0002568: [Bugs] A/V sync problems in DoM Player (carl)
0002406: [Features] Show markers in Player (carl)
0002449: [Features] Please add "auto crop" feature also in player (carl)
0002531: [Packaging] Add a separate Windows installer which just installs the player (carl)
0002218: [Bugs] Asset wxString::Format("%.3f", 1.23).find(str) != wxString::npos failed in GetInfoFromLCID(): Decimal separator mismatch (carl)
0002209: [Features] KDM creator should remember its non-maximised size
0002311: [Features] Keep screens in alphabetical order in KDM cinemas (carl)
0002624: [Features] KDM Creator interface Improvements (carl)
0002675: [Features] Allow making VFs in reels from a single-reel OV (carl)
0002450: [Features] Check frame size and color component sizes of frames in verifier (carl)
0002489: [Bugs] Lip sync problems with file that we have (carl)
0002520: [Bugs] Burnt subtitles are mis-timed (carl)
0002646: [Compatibility] DKDMs list not visible in KDM Creator with 1366x768 screen
0002674: [Bugs] Segfault (maybe in libopenjpeg) with particular input (carl)
0002676: [Bugs] Could cut down on the number of pointless tags written to subs/ccap (carl)
0002686: [Bugs] Fails to start on Windows 7 (carl)
0002687: [Bugs] DCP encode doesn't complete with particular input (carl)
0001794: [Bugs] Text should be centrally-aligned in screen search on Windows
0002211: [Bugs] Debugging assertion failed in KDM creator
0002293: [Bugs] Image::crop_scale_window does not scale full-range YUV to video-range RGB
0002371: [Features] Some way to copy + paste in timeline e.g. shift drag or something
0002441: [Bugs] Disk writer seems to go wrong on Windows if the computer suspends during the job
0002458: [Bugs] Loads of threads are created and destroyed during audio analysis
0002463: [Bugs] Bluray PGS subtitles are placed wrong by default
0002464: [Bugs] Small disagreement between placement of EasyDCP burnt-in subs and DoM overlaid
0002467: [Features] Make blank subtitle files according to standard
0002469: [Bugs] OpenGL mode on Windows crops top and right of image in full screen mode
0002477: [Bugs] Error when doing 3D from separate L/R and they are different lengths
0002481: [Clean-up] Looks like we shouldn't call EnableScrolling
0002483: [Features] Some way to obtain certificates from a local store
0002515: [Features] Add a checkbox "send only to additional emails" for ignoring the addresses of cinemas.
0002527: [Bugs] Check what happens if there is a mixture of burnt/non-burnt subs in a project
0002550: [Features] Some way to send logs from disk writer
0002553: [Bugs] Alex saw a buffer fill mismatch playing a DCP, which was intermittent
0002575: [Bugs] Certificate download dialog should be wider
0002576: [Bugs] Thumbprint value in add screen dialog has wrong vertical alignment
0002577: [Bugs] Cinema names are ellipsized for no reason in Make KDMs dialog
0002590: [Bugs] ProRes export reduces luminance and produces artefacts in dark regions
0001693: [Features] Ability to force J2K re-encode per item of content
0002605: [Features] Option to limit the number of simultaneous remote encodes (carl)
0002683: [Features] Use macOS hardware-accelerated H264 encoder (carl)
0002506: [Clean-up] libdcp cleanup: use of SubtitleAsset for closed captions seems wrong (carl)
0002651: [Features] Better error in cases where a frame goes missing (carl)
0002636: [Bugs] Check vectorisation of rgb_to_xyz in libdcp (carl)
0002633: [Features] It would be nice if the KDM screens panel preserved open/closed state of cinemas after e.g. searching and then not searching (carl)
0002579: [Features] Add Lc, Rc, DBP, DBS as identifiers to dcpomatic2_create (carl)
0002289: [Bugs] Help text in Video/Audio tab not visible if long (carl)
0002613: [Features] create cli option to set fade length (carl)
0002572: [Features] Report more information when encoding is finished (fps, start time, end time) (carl)
0002603: [Features] Warn/refuse to start if running old macOS version on new macOS (carl)
0002592: [Features] Use 3D LUT for RGB/YUV to XYZ colour space conversion? (carl)
0002595: [Features] Export multi-reel subtitles as single srt file (carl)
0002273: [Bugs] Problems when DCPs are made on external drives (carl)
0002309: [Bugs] Progress indication when making a VF (carl)
0002578: [Features] Improve ratio field in custom scale option (carl)
0002573: [Features] Remember window size and position of main window (carl)
0002451: [Features] Please implement checks in the CLI verifier according to jpeg2000 constraints for cinema specified ISO/IEC 15444-1:2019 (carl)
0002512: [Bugs] Sync errors with file we have (carl)
0002516: [Features] it would be nice to send all the keys for one cinema in one email, so as not to create a load on the email service (carl)
0002529: [Features] Make DCP verification configurable (carl)
0002535: [Bugs] 2.16.13 did not include a LoadFont in a subtitle file (carl)
0002552: [Bugs] Intermittent DCP playback crash (carl)
0002237: [Features] Re-add option to trim using CPL (carl)
0002507: [Bugs] Incorrect thumbprint reported when making TD KDM (carl)
0002511: [Features] Allow export of J2K + WAV (carl)
0001828: [Features] Per-channel level meters
0002510: [Bugs] Export freezes when project is a DCP with some added (burnt-in) subtitles (carl)
0002504: [Bugs] Should not accept Dolby's "sms" certificates (carl)
0002500: [Bugs] Reel writer assertion (carl)
0002499: [Bugs] Fix FFmpegExaminer handling of _format_context->duration == AV_NOPTS_VALUE (carl)
0002484: [Bugs] Dark mode seems broken on monterey (carl)
0000246: [Features] Please unbundle libraries to prepare for eventual inclusion in official debian/fedora/ubuntu repository
0002472: [Bugs] Batch converter tool icons look bad (carl)
0002465: [Features] Path and file name constraints
0002466: [Features] Make sure to meet constraints on XML files as specified by ST 429-17 "XML Constraints"
0002096: [Features] Add <LoadFont> tag for imported DCP subs with none (carl)
0002055: [Features] Add audio level check to verifier (carl)
0001900: [Features] Improved DCP verification
0002454: [Features] Subtitle export format (interop/SMPTE) should be a dropdown in the export dialog (carl)
0002403: [Bugs] Sync loss (with 2.16.x) black frames (with 2.17.x) on particular project (carl)
0002399: [Bugs] Subtitle line count warnings show up just by adding markup (carl)
0002232: [Bugs] Adding image file sequences from an NFS share is very slow on Windows (carl)
0002377: [Bugs] Make KDMs button is in a weird place on macOS in the DoM KDM window (carl)
0002347: [Bugs] Defaults and metadata (carl)
0002346: [Documentation] Wrong text in manual and what are credentials good for? (carl)
0002342: [Bugs] Display looks wrong when a macOS calibrated display profile is in use (carl)
0002304: [Packaging] Centos stream packages for 9 (carl)
0002317: [Bugs] Waker not working on Windows (it sleeps even during a DCP encode) (carl)
0002292: [Bugs] Incorporate fixes to leqm-nrt
0002281: [Bugs] Disk formatting very slow (carl)
0002251: [Bugs] Re-check the DCNC and make DoM compliant with it (and hint about non-compliance) (carl)
0002276: [Bugs] Adding a job from main DoM to the batch converter ends up with it being added several times (carl)
0002228: [Features] Set default project settings (carl)
0002201: [Bugs] wxGauge doesn't always update properly (carl)
0002197: [Packaging] Looks like we should upgrade expat to 2.4.6 at least (carl)
0002194: [Bugs] Cmd-H should hide the application, not open hints, on macOS (carl)
0001795: [Bugs] "Write to..." radios are too close together on Windows
0002138: [Bugs] Preferences does not fit onto a windows 1440x900 screen (carl)
0002670: [Bugs] Subs from blu-ray are the wrong height (carl)
0002656: [Features] Make DCP verification in player configurable (carl)
0002616: [Features] audio analysis has become very slow in 2.16.x/2.17.x (carl)
0002447: [Bugs] Player crashes with certain DCP
0002641: [Bugs] Picture is stretched/squashed when changing the preview window size on macOS (carl)
0002196: [Bugs] On Monterey you have to manually give the dcpomatic2_disk_writer full disk access or the writer doesn't work (carl)
0002680: [Features] Feature request: dcpomatic2_verify output timecodes of frames with bitrate exceeding max (carl)
0001823: [Features] Write a report during validation
0002363: [Features] Add option to use ASIO on Windows (carl)
0002485: [Bugs] Black lines around player image in some cases (carl)
0002528: [Bugs] Warnings about content changes when you make a project inside a DCP that you subsequently add as content (carl)
0002508: [Bugs] Blue lines across DCP when source is EXR (carl)
0002586: [Major features] Support grok GPU acceleration (carl)
0002556: [Bugs] Subtitles rendering off-centre horizontally from XML source (carl)
0002662: [Bugs] Volume hints use true peak but volume colouring only uses sample peak (carl)
0002494: [Bugs] dcpomatic2_disk_writer.exe is not signed (carl)
0002667: [Packaging] Windows uninstaller has problems (carl)
0002665: [Bugs] Apple Closed Caption Media Handler streams not supported (carl)
0002200: [Bugs] Pressing enter in the KDM creator "from" control on Windows opens the "report a problem" dialogue (carl)
0002192: [Bugs] dcpomatic_create does not respect Config defaults for DCP content type and SMPTE/Interop (carl)
0002618: [Bugs] Find missing doesn't work with a project made on Windows when finding on Linux (carl)
0002587: [Bugs] Bad constructor virtual method call (carl)
0002445: [Features] Please create CLI tool to "map" a CPL into a complete package. (carl)
0002551: [Bugs] It's possible for filler subtitles to be too close to the subtitle before (carl)
0002559: [Bugs] VTT subtitles containing italics formatting are not rendered correctly: No formatting and markup tags are visible. (carl)
0002530: [General] Playback window: frame /time stamp does not advance when pressing left or right arrow key on keyboard (carl)
0002479: [Bugs] Some prefs icons look a bit big on macOS Ventura (carl)
0002398: [Bugs] Subtitles list shows different lines for marked-up text
0002337: [Bugs] Scaling subtitles X separate from Y (i.e. stretch) is broken (carl)
0002333: [Bugs] Important notice on making an encrypted DCP should mention the possibility of making a DKDM (carl)
0002253: [Bugs] Programming error at ../src/lib/ 1939 vs 2075 (carl)
0002250: [Bugs] Failure to make 3D DCP with L content 1 frame shorter than R content (carl)
0002187: [Bugs] Failure to join some VOB files (carl)
0002220: [Bugs] Everything breaks if you change the decimal separator in the advanced settings in Windows (carl)
0002171: [Bugs] Disk Writer does not work on macOS 10.8 (carl)
0002166: [Bugs] Version details not shown in splash screen on Windows (carl)
0002154: [Bugs] Chinese simplified subtitles are not rendered on macOS (carl)
0002474: [Bugs] Colours from subrip subs are not shown in the preview (carl)
0002233: [Bugs] Assertion failed in out_size.width &gt;= inter_size.width (carl)
0002761: [Bugs] Audio processors stopped working somewehere between 2.16.66 and 2.16.75 (carl)
0002365: [General] DCP OV and make VF (carl)
0002564: [Bugs] Strange white line down right hand side of PNG (carl)
0002532: [Bugs] PE at (carl)
0002262: [Bugs] Some .ASS formatting details not respected (carl)
0002521: [Bugs] Confusing error from dcpomatic2_create with malformed IDs (carl)
0002642: [Bugs] Slackware 15 apparently needs libthai and libtraie in appimage (carl)
0002245: [Bugs] 3D DCP creation fails when separate L/R files have unequal number of frames (carl)
0002561: [Bugs] Adapt for new notarytool instead of altool (carl)
0001861: [Bugs] Use DCP's original font when rendering subtitles (carl)
0002562: [Packaging] Update Windows signing certificate on key (carl)
0002349: [Bugs] GUI hangs when adding a MP3 with a mjpeg cover stream (carl)
0002582: [Bugs] Inconsistent vertical positioning of subtitles (carl)
0002189: [Clean-up] Unify use of phrases "you are advised" and "it is advisable" in hints. (carl)
0002370: [Features] Delete in timeline should delete content (carl)
0002393: [Bugs] EasyDCP 4.1 says wild track format (channel config 4) must have 16 channels. (carl)
0002462: [Documentation] Make some bitmap DCP to help with testing subtitle positioning (carl)
0002476: [Bugs] Sound reel length error with 3D encode (carl)
0002503: [Bugs] Butler video/audio sync error with file we have (carl)
0002509: [Bugs] Player does not use font specified in DCP (carl)
0001361: [Bugs] Crash when adding VTT subtitle file (carl)
0002369: [Features] Click in timeline to move playhead (carl)
0002094: [Bugs] When adding an OV (in Player and DOM). open file should default to the parent directory of VF (carl)
0002256: [Bugs] Fix for openjpeg 2.5 (libdcp bug 0002255) (carl)
0002396: [Features] The batch converter buttons are in a pretty strange place (carl)
0002225: [Features] Player window to show KDM specs (carl)
0002267: [Bugs] Player, cannot load MacFUSE / ext2 mounted volumes (carl)
0002351: [Bugs] Colours totally wrong on lobby in test set (carl)
0002322: [Bugs] Cancel/OK buttons in advanced content settings don't mean anything (carl)
0002343: [Bugs] Some wxChoices in the DCP tab have cut-off text on Kubuntu 22.04 (carl)
0002350: [Bugs] Make side panel resizable (carl)
0001657: [Bugs] KDM dialog tweaks (carl)
0002012: [Features] Should probably just ignore >1 blank line between SubRip subtitles (carl)
0002191: [Bugs] dcpomatic_create (and maybe main DoM) makes films with no <ContentVersion> <LabelText> (carl)
0002199: [Bugs] Should use for ratings (carl)
0002207: [Bugs] Some Turkish characters come out wrong in the subject line and ZIP attachment names on some email clients (carl)
0002205: [Bugs] XML subtitle must apparently be indented and have newlines to work on some projection systems (carl)
0002208: [Bugs] Screens are not in the correct order in KDM emails (carl)
0002210: [Features] Selecting a screen should enable edit cinema button in KDM setup (carl)
0002213: [Features] Write to / Send by email checkboxes should probably be remembered across runs (carl)
0002216: [Features] Button to send test email in mail servers configuration in prefs (carl)
0002222: [Packaging] Centos 8 stream packages (carl)
0001776: [Features] GUI to export DCP-o-matic's configuration file (carl)
0001894: [Documentation] Add the filename of the downloaded certificate to the "add screen" box (carl)
0001895: [Features] Add checkboxes to the cinema/screen list in the KDM dialog (carl)
0002165: [Bugs] macOS drive incorrectly picked up as mounted (carl)
0002173: [Bugs] -114 error on 3D encode from separate left/right files (carl)
0002179: [Bugs] dcpomatic main deb package should uninstall / supercede dcpomatic-cli (carl)
0002184: [Bugs] DOM Encode Server halves performance when screen is locked on macOS (carl)
0002284: [Bugs] Somehow managed to leave a video MXF (in video) open on a samba server (carl)
0002323: [Bugs] Seems to be some unlocked use of Player variables (carl)
0002247: [Bugs] Selecting different pieces of content in the list has got very slow again (carl)
0002408: [Features] Allow export of both eyes when exporting 3D to 2D (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2024-08-15
0002829: [Packaging] Fix
0002352: [Features] Allow configuration of a DCP store directory (carl)
0002226: [Features] Add video waveform dialog to player (carl)
0002306: [Features] Dark mode for player (carl)
0001609: [Bugs] Display on Linux HiDPI is broken (carl)
0002287: [Features] Support UHD BluRay / HDR (carl)
0002355: [Features] Add a tonemapping filter to make Rec.2020 sources look better (carl)
0001602: [Major features] Support H.264/VP9 sign language video tracks
0002252: [Features] Add some way to select from multiple video streams (carl)
0002272: [Features] Expose FFmpeg errors to the user somehow (carl)
0002380: [Features] Add option to run a user-defined command when the batch converter notifies completion
0002639: [Features] Indicate referenced content in timeline view (carl)
0002439: [Features] Clarify which content is used when two overlap (carl)
0002619: [Features] Hard to work out why find missing didn't work (carl)
0002112: [Features] Allow disk writer to look at the format of an existing drive and make sure it's right (carl)
0002229: [Features] Modify project settings to fit first imported content (carl)
0002308: [Features] Add CPL_SHORT_NAME or CONTENT_TITLE or something (carl)
0002315: [Features] Maybe rating could be inferred from the title when using "set project DCP settings from this DCP" (carl)
0002321: [Features] Allow CPL names to include the DCNC name of the DCP that they're in (carl)
0002328: [Features] Add a way to disable screens in the KDM list (carl)
0002332: [Features] Is there still a nice way to blow up a scope-in-flat image to scope? Or was that lost when we changed how it worked? (carl)
0002414: [Features] Save certificate number with screen (when downloaded) and add search by certificate number (carl)
0002420: [Features] Make combiner use subdirectories for interop subs in the combined DCP (carl)
0002424: [Features] Templates for KDM duration (carl)
0002437: [Features] Add "report problem" for disk writer that sends all the logs (carl)
0002385: [Features] Global start/stop in batch converter (carl)
0002405: [Features] Allow drag and drop of certificates onto the add/edit screen window (carl)
0002407: [Features] Cut/copy/paste in DKDM list (carl)
0002411: [Features] Allow selection of which eye to use when rendering a 3D DCP in a 2D project (carl)
0002412: [Features] Ask what frame rate to use for subtitles when they are imported (carl)
0001937: [Bugs] Move "Show Subtitle Area" checkbox into View menu
0002372: [Packaging] Flatpak package for Fedora Sliverblue (carl)
0002826: [Bugs] Seeking seems really slow on Fedora with just two .srts in the project (carl)
0002815: [Features] Checkbox to only alter subtitle position for subs without a specified position (carl)
0002754: [Major features] Use Metal on macOS to display the video (carl)
0002089: [Features] Hi-DPI support (on Windows and maybe elsewhere) (carl)
0002655: [Bugs] Running DoM as encode server does not make use of GPU (carl)
0002816: [Bugs] Fragment shader needs to support YUV420P (carl)
0002790: [Features] Allow specification of KDM decryption cert from the kdm_cli (carl)
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