Translating DCP-o-matic

DCP-o-matic can be translated from English to any other language. It just needs your help! If you speak English and another language, you can translate DCP-o-matic so that all users of your language see DCP-o-matic in their native tongue...

Current translations

Here are the languages for which translations are complete or in progress:

Language Translations Translated Fuzzy Untranslated
European Portugueselibdcpomaticlibdcpomatic-wxdcpomatic554289593
Brazilian Portugueselibdcpomaticlibdcpomatic-wxdcpomatic859215362
Simplified Chineselibdcpomaticlibdcpomatic-wxdcpomatic12961391

How to translate: the old-fashioned way

Edit the .po files

If do not see your language in the table above, email me and I will add it to the list.

Otherwise, download the three .po files for your language from the links in the table. These are the files you should edit to set the translation. You may wish to use poEdit to make things easier.

If you see strings containing things like %1 or %2, leave those alone (they will be replaced by other things when DCP-o-matic is running).

Send the .po files to me

Once you have finished all the translations, email me the updated .po files. I will release a new version of DCP-o-matic containing your translations. Magic!

How to translate: the experimental way

DCP-o-matic versions allow ‘in-place’ translations as an experimental feature which you are welcome to try.

Run DCP-o-matic, find a check box or label that you want to translate and middle-click (scroll-wheel click) it. A window pops up where you can write your translation, and your new text will be put into the DCP-o-matic window straight away.

When you have done a few of these translations, choose “send translations” from the Tools menu, and your changes will be sent to me.

Warning: this feature is experimental, and there may be problems. In particular, if DCP-o-matic crashes during a translation session you will lose your work. For now, I suggest doing “Send translations” often! Also, it would be a good idea to email me to let me know that you are trying it, so I can check if received the translations.

If you have any queries about doing translations, please do get in touch.