Support expectations for DCP-o-matic

DCP-o-matic is developed by me, a single person, in my spare time. Several users help by translating DCP-o-matic's text, testing and reporting bugs. This tiny team is in contrast to many commercial DCP generation packages, who will have full-time workers dedicated to developing the project.

I enjoy making DCP-o-matic because it is a fun technical challenge, and because I like hearing from people who it helps. I also believe that the open-source software development model is a great idea.

Requests for new features (and reports of problems) are very welcome. I make a list of all such requests and reports on the bug tracker. There is no strict priority system for new features; I will usually choose to work on something that either lots of people have asked for, or which seems fun.

This somewhat random process means that the feature in particular that you want may not be at the top of the list. That is the nature of the beast. If you are desperate for a feature, by all means tell me why — it may push your feature up the list, or it may not. Remember, though, that I get to choose!

If you are in need of a feature and it is not appearing, do get in touch and we can talk about doing the work on a contract basis (i.e. in exchange for money!).