Contributing benchmarks

To contribute a benchmark result, you need to:

  1. Download the source and metadata files from the list below for whichever benchmarks you feel like running.
  2. Copy the source and metadata files into a folder, run DCP-o-matic and open the folder as a film.
  3. DCP-o-matic will report the source file as missing: right-click it, choose ‘Find missing...’ and select the source file that you downloaded.
  4. Make the DCP, trying not to do too much else on the machine at the same time (otherwise the conversion may take longer than it should). Also, try to avoid any power-saving that might happen during the run.
  5. Send me the log file from insider the folder that you created.

I'll put details of your CPU / RAM / operating system and the elapsed time up on this site. There will be no details that could identify you.