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0002645DCP-o-maticClean-uppublic2024-01-03 12:59
ReporterCineMix Assigned Tocarl  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform64-bitOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version2.16.64 
Target Version2.16.67 
Summary0002645: Create kdm with expired crts error

Since some versions of DOM kdm creator stopped creating key for expired certs, generate error and doesnt create any keys if in one of selected is expired.
this creates difficulty if you create kdms for many halls. difficult to found expired crt in selection 50 halls.
it wilbe nice if kdms will be create with out hall with expired and error messger will have information about name of hall with expired crt

Steps To Reproduce

try to create kdm with exp crt

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2023-11-01 20:41

reporter   ~0006060

in general, I don’t see anything wrong with the ability to create keys for expired certificates.
sometimes this really helps the cinema if they forgot update certificates in time. Cinema has continue working while they are doing the update process, sometimes in far regions this can take a long time (copple of week) and the cinema can show some films and not stand closed. Especially if it's a single-screen cinema.
may show just a warning that such some a certificate is expired but leave the opportunity to create a key for it

kdmerr.PNG (25,856 bytes)   
kdmerr.PNG (25,856 bytes)   


2023-11-19 20:35

administrator   ~0006080

@carl branch seems OK, needs tests to be run.


2023-11-20 06:32

administrator   ~0006085

Thanks for the suggestion! I added this to 2.16.67.

@carl 16557827b252bd653b15eead479ec5699eda7360

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